• The Family Church is an international organization led by Bishop Donnie Williams and the Senior Pastor Valerie Williams. We believe that God is first (Matthew 6:33) and Jesus Christ is Lord. We believe the church family is the family of God, and each individual family should live like a family of God. God bless you - Bishop Williams


youth department leaders

Mission Statement:

To serve as an adoptive family for some and a support network for all. To serve all young people in every way while preparing them to bridge the gap from youth to adulthood. (Spiritually & naturally).The vision for the youth ministry at the Family Church coincides with the vision inspired by God and set forth by our Bishop Dr. Donnie Williams. The goals are ultimately the same. The vision is to simply create an atmosphere conducive to young people where constant enhancement of their spiritual, educational and social welfare are of focus. A place where they can come as they are, be loved, and constantly be feed the broken down, un-compromised word of God. No matter what your age 2-17, all are able to understand and feast on the Word of God. Through the many ministries of the department, we want to strive to give young people the opportunity to be expressive and creative as we seek to engage them in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. We further seek to develop and train young people to effectively lead the Church into the 21st Century, equipping them with the necessary tools needed to meet the challenges facing this generation. We will continue to train our youth with the “Christ First” approach in the ministry, calling our young people to total commitment and spiritual accountability. It is our goal to see youth, who participate in the programs of the Family Church Youth Department, become all that God has in mind for them. That they will develop into productive believers and people of Godly character so that they may receive the abundant life that Christ has promised them. It is my desire that we instill in them the importance of integrity that as they begin to grow and enter adulthood, they will be rooted Christians with a strong foundation, not wavering in anything, being awesome believers and disciples of Jesus Christ. That through the teaching and inspiration that they receive here, they are ready to not only seek out the calling God has on their life, but are equipped to operate in the spirit freely, allowing God to use them.

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